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What Makes your Chemicals and Materials Offer Attractive?

First, an absolute Attractiveness does not mean much. The Attractiveness needs to be assessed relative to a benchmark. We recommend that you take THE reference offer on the market, i.e. the OFFER which is recognized by the buying companies as being superior to all others.

  • What is the Market you are addressing?
  • What competitive product is seen by the market as THE reference?

Second, we recommend that you identify the most important needs of the market you are considering. What do customers expect in terms of changes? What are their unmet needs? What do they value the most? It is, of course, easier to make an impact on the market when you are addressing highly critical needs.

  • What are the most critical needs of the Market you are considering?

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Emmanuel Rapendy

Marketing Director, SpecialChem


Is your product appealing and differentiated enough for the market?

A Framework to Score the Attractiveness of Chemicals and Materials to the Market

Last January, we published the “2012 Guide to Successful Product and Technology Launches in Chemicals and Materials”. In this new white paper, we presented the 3 dimensions to assess the chances of success when launching a new product or technology. Those dimensions were: the Offer Attractiveness, the Market Reach and the Ability to Capture the Opportunity.

In this new white paper, Christophe Cabarry (Chief Executive Officer) and Raphael Mestanza (Chief Innovation Officer) are diving into the “Offer Attractiveness” dimension, trying to answer a simple question: “What makes a product attractive for a specific market?” At SpecialChem, this is THE question we ask chemicals and materials suppliers before starting our programs of Commercial Acceleration for them.

Here is a simple framework to help you assess your products’ offer by your own means and an insight into SpecialChem’s proprietary methodology to score Attractiveness in a synthetic way.

First, an absolute Attractiveness …

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Emmanuel Rapendy, Marketing Director, SpecialChem

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Polling results: 2012 business development in chemicals and materials, what will be your main focus?

Polling results (Sept. 2011): “2012 business development in chemicals and materials, what will be your main focus?”

  • Introducing new technology platforms – 29%
  • Finding high-value niches – 21%
  • Developing new applications – 18%
  • Launching new product grades – 17%
  •  Developing new regions – 15%
 Based on the above polling results, “Introducing new technology platforms” seems to be a strong focus for business development in 2012. Do you see changes in the way you would approach it in the current environment (economy concerns, regulations …)?

[SpecialChem] Best Practices for state-of-the-art Business Development in Chemicals and Materials

Whether you need to introduce a new technology to the market, enter new applications or reach faster the peak revenues for a new product grade, you can benefit from SpecialChem 10-year experience in Commercial Acceleration for specialty chemicals and materials.

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Practical Case: Introducing New Technologies or how to displace established formulation practises

You recently launched a new chemical platform, a new technology, a new product?
It has great benefits but the market adoption seems to be slower than expected?

You already know that, in order to make formulators adopt your new additive, resin, pigment or material technologies, they will have to:

– Be aware of your technology
– Be sure that benefits will be greater than switching costs
– Be “in motion” meaning they are or will have a project that could benefit from your solution

This practicle case shows how in the first 12 months of a 2-year business development program , a major chemical company:
Made over 10,000 coatings professionals aware of its new technology
– Educated over 5,000 formulators on the new technology benefits
– Generated over 200 leads which converted into 50 commercial assessment projects

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Practical case: Introducing New Technologies in Coatings and Inks or how to displace established formulation practises

Introducing New Technologies in Coatings and Inks or how to displace established formulation practises

… a leading chemical company, has developed a new technology as an alternative to some of its existing products used in Coatings. This technology offers strong and quantifiable benefits, but in order to use it, Coatings and Inks formulators have to change drastically their formulation practices. At Client, limited sales and marketing resources have been allocated to this project until commercial success is proven. Read the full business development case

Interested in learning how online networks can help you accelerate your business development.

Human qualification is key to business development in chemicals

Human qualification by business development experts is key to projects detections and initial partnerships

Online business development in chemicals helps to detect first target applications and companies that are interested in the new technology.
However interest does not necessarily translates into easy cash generation. SpecialChem refines the findings of online marketing with a human qualification follow-up. SpecialChem’s industry-experts contact by phone the identified companies to validate their interest, understand their needs, and suggest further steps.Typical interest validation indicators include:

– Technical issue to solve
– Existing development project
– Willingness to invest in application development
– Management support
– Collaboration openness

Firms that score well on these metrics are good candidates as initial partners for the technology introduction.

Read the full article: “how to reduce risk and increase speed of new technology introduction in chemicals?

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Accelerating New Technology Launches & Finding Niche Applications

Advances in Business Development Strategies for Specialty Chemicals & Materials

Launching new technologies in Specialty Chemicals & Materials is often a long and complex challenge — not only from the early R&D and strategic marketing perspective, but straight through to the operational launch.

  • Do you have a new technology that you need to launch?
  • Do you really know your differentiation, by market segment?
  • How will you efficiently and effectively communicate to your core targets?
  • Do you need to penetrate high value niche applications?
  • How will you measure success in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year?

Register  to benefit from SpecialChem’s 10+ years of experience in helping people like you to not only accelerate your new technology launch but to effectively track and measure results right down to the first evaluations and resulting sales!

  • Find the most targeted approach to educate your core & adjacent markets
  • See the results of the most advanced techniques in lead qualification and prospect behavior analysis
  • Learn best practices in measuring results – how to run an efficient, effective launch
  • See how some of your peers successfully displaced established technologies in the market
Bring your New Business Development in Chemicals to the next stage.

SpecialChem announces the launch of a new business-oriented Open Innovation service specialized in chemicals and materials

SpecialChem announces the launch of a new business-oriented Open Innovation service specialized in
chemicals and materials. Based on a community of more than 450,000 registered formulation, material or design engineers, this service has been developed in close collaboration with Fortune 500 clients to support technology scouting and out-licensing.

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– PRWEB – July 20th, 2011

Why did Nyco Minerals select the Exclusive Technology Center from SpecialChem?

“Our extensive portfolio and application focus, coupled with our strength in engineered reinforcements are all outlined in Nyco’s Wollastonite Center with SpecialChem,” said Peter Goodwin, President & CEO for Nyco. He added “We want to optimize our brand and technology exposure in this competitive environment. For this reason, SpecialChem global community of decision makers and formulators was the logical channel to present our innovative reinforcement technology.”

Read the full PR to see how SpecialChem Business Development Solutions impacts Nyco’s brand and technologies.